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Caivano Residence

A new direction in prefab (featured in the LA Times)

The Project Scope

A totally different approach to prefab; custom. The house is designed entirely using sustainable approaches to form, materials and environmental concerns. Net Zero, eat your heart out! LEED Platinum, watch out!

Featured in the LA Times: Even The Uber Driver

To see the progress, check out our blog Here We Go!

Located in Los Angeles, CA, the Caivano residence is a two-story single family residence sitting on a long sloped property facing the Hollywood Hills. Parametric wooden structure wraps up back and forth of the two-story elongated mass, maximizing the dramatic view down the hill as well as the view up to the private forest in the backyard. The structure emphasizes gathering points among family members creating double height spaces and functioning as overhangs to the space below. Parts of the wooden structure blend into the interior space and become utilized as partitions, rain shower rails, beam structures on the ceiling or built-in furniture. Such structural elements provide different levels of communality and privacy to be experienced within the open plan. Taking advantage of prefabricated construction method, the environmentally optimized building shell is designed for various levels of light penetration and ventilation to happen in each room of the house. The house adapts passive and active energy concepts to become an environmentally friendly residence. We’re also aiming for a LEED Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  This is the highest rating achievable.  From LED lights with motion sensors to high quality insulation, duct testing and energy star appliances.  And that’s not all.  Every single aspect of the house will be inspected and verified to be the absolute maximum in efficiency and sustainability.  Stay tuned for live, HD video streaming of the project as it happens!

This house is a product.  All the furniture and hardware has been custom designed.
Furniture designed and produced by Brooks Atwood Design
Interior hardware designed and produced by Brooks Atwood Design
All the materials are reclaimed, up-cycled, recycled or sustainable.
designed in New York, made in LA, USA

The Project Data

Type residential
Size 3,000 sq. ft.
Budget withheld
Status completed
Location Los Angeles, CA
Principal Brooks Atwood
Project Leader Marguerite Lefevre, SeoYeon Jin
Project Team Mina Liba, Nichole Dragan, Nicholas Domanski, Vicky Tran, Stephanie Leib, Sara Jane Rin, Avrami Rakovsky
Architect of Record Office42