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Video: Hack My Home on Netflix streaming all 8 episodes July 7 Season 1, 8 Episodes: watch here: Netflix: Hack My Home A team of four design wizards dreams up space-maximizing solutions and ingenious engineering ideas to transform families’ homes in innovative ways.

Video: Shop Class on Disney+ Season 1, 8 Episodes: watch here: A new competition series featuring teams of young builders, who are tasked with designing, building, and testing unique creations. In each episode, a panel of experts will evaluate and test their work based on design creativity, and build functionality.

Collaborative Creation TEDxBushwick House of Yes, NYC TEDxBushwick (@TEDxBushwick) for TED This year’s theme, “Collaborative Creation,” takes a systemic view of community and connection. TEDxBushwick 2016 invites you to focus on big ideas relating to partnerships, groups and organizations – the intimate experience of human collaboration where ideas are born, developed and spread. This conference […]

Upcycling Design Reality Show Trashformers Season 1 Trashformers (@fyi) Watch Brooks Atwood host the season premier of Trashformers! The design competition reality show airs July 10th at 10pm on FYI with back-back episodes at 10pm and 11pm with extra bonus episode on July 17th at 10pm. For media requests, please contact Octagon Entertainment, Kyell Thomas at (310) 854-8376.   Watch some […]

a platform for emerging design practitioners 2015 Spring Benefit, theme “TRANS” Storefront for Art & Architecture, NYC 2015 Spring Benefit (@StorefrontNYC) Attire:  Transparent,  Translucent,  Transgressive Honoring: Do Ho Suh and Thom Mayne Attire:  Transparent,  Translucent,  Transgressive Transfigured, transparent, translucent, transsexual, transatlantic, transcendent. Join us to tranversally transform transactions of generosity and capital at our 2015 Spring Benefit. On Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, Storefront for Art and Architecture will celebrate over three […]

The Project Scope SWELL, live music reimagined Live music, reimagined. See the portfolio page SWELL for more info. Experiential, immersive and unlike anything else – Swell is not a festival, yet delivers the transformative feeling of being enveloped with sunshine and sound. It is not a show, yet values quality production and acoustics. It is […]

ANNOUNCING…our new name! Effective April 25, 2014, POD Design & Media LLC will be known as Brooks Atwood Design.  Our design studio, established in 2003 with the purpose of innovative and intelligent design, remains deeply committed to its original mission. We’re changing our name but we’re still the same fabulous creative team we always were! New name, […]

The Project Scope’s “First Things First” Our newest design for will be unveiled during NYCxDesign for this years New York Design Week! We are so excited! “Blank walls have no memory and are scary. The first thing to add is a huge mirror so it can reflect all of the great memories that […]

a platform for emerging design practitioners Emerging US Design Practices Museum of Arts & Design (MAD), NYC Museum of Arts & Design (@MADMuseum) Brooks will speaking at the Museum of Arts & Design’s event “Emerging US Design Practices”. Creating a platform for emerging design practitioners to have the public see and respond to their work, […]

Turn yourself inside-out Portable Talks series An exclusive series of talks with Brooks Atwood Portable (@Portable) This June, Portable Studios brings leading American design practitioner Brooks Atwood to Australia, so if you happen to live in the Land Down Under, you’re in luck. Brooks advocates designing from a place of risk – staring failure square […]