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Category: Publications

Eyes In Magazine Issue 23 “Brooks Atwood, The Mad Scientist of Industrial Design”, page 80-90 “As a publisher of the world’s innovative creators & their masterpieces, EYES IN

Video: Interior Design Magazine presents: Behind the Scenes: Brooks Atwood at POD Design Interior Design goes behind the scenes at Brooks Atwood’s New York studio, Pod

Design Milk “WHERE I WORK: BROOKS ATWOOD OF POD DESIGN” “Hot off the heels of a most-successful run as a competitor on HGTV Star, the multi-

Brooklyn Magazine Inside the Home of … “Headlines are hard. Take this story, for example. The headline as written is pretty straightforward and totally self-explanatory. You are

Poliform USA Poliform on “HGTV Star” “Poliform was featured on HGTV Star Show, Episde 6, Season 8. Brooks Atwood, one of the particapating designers on show, redesigned the

HGTV magazine July 2013 “Who Will be the Next HGTV Star?”, page 66-67 Meet this season’s 10 contestants. “Put every single light on a dimmer!” And find out more about

Video: “Vintage Repurposing by HGTV Star Brooks Atwood” Brooks hits the morning show rounds doing some great repurposing designs on The Better Show with hosts

Video: by New Day Producers Posted on July 2, 2013 at 11:30 AM Updated Tuesday, Jul 2 at 12:05 PM “HGTV Star” contestant Brooks Atwood Brooks Atwood, contestant

She Knows Sep 24, 2013 by Alicia McDonald “Budget-Friendly Decor with Character” “Shopping for home decor at flea markets has a major perk — it can be very budget-friendly

Planet Weidknecht by Lisa Weidknecht “Enter The @BrooksAtwood #HGTVstar Twitter Giveaway Contest” “Contest: Take a quick picture of yourself, friends