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Category: Publications

Walk & Watch by Artpower International Publishing ISBN 978-988-19125-4-1 Featuring The Showtime “HOUSE” environment

Esquire’s The Ultimate Bachelor Pad Volume 157 NO. 1 “The Best View in the World” by Mark Mikin, pages 48-53. Featuring The Ultimate Bachelor Pad in DUMBO’s

The Journal by Esquire Magazine Featuring The Esquire Apartment environment for The Ultimate Bachelor Pad with

“Spontaneous Schooling” March 2011 Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture “Spontaneous Schooling” Wiley publishers (get the

WantedDesign NYC Vol 08, 05.04.2011 “During ICFF Week, Three Design-Savvy Outposts Showcase The Young, The Talented, And the

The Showtime house Issue 18.12, Dec 1010 “United States of Tara: Loft” Featuring The United States of Tara Loft & Roof environment by POD Design

TRIBEZA Issue 111, October 2010 “ATX to the World” by C. Clark, pages 96-97 Featuring POD, Clay, our design methodology and the Listening

Brooks Atwood Issue Sept/Oct, page 123 “The Future Cool” page 123 Featuring The Cool and Hip Brooks Atwood as the next

NJIT Issue 2008-2009 “The Biomedical Boom” by C. Clark, pages 96-97 Featuring the Listening Lab in the annual President’s Report

SHOWTIME HOUSE by Showtime Networks Featuring The Showtime “HOUSE” environment for The United States of Tara Loft & Roof