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Category: Videos

Video: Interior Design Magazine presents: Behind the Scenes: Brooks Atwood at POD Design Interior Design goes behind the scenes at Brooks Atwood’s New York studio, Pod

Video: “Portable Presents Brooks Atwood” This June, Portable Studios had a super exciting time introducing Brooks Atwood and his wife Estelle to the Australian design community. Brooks, who advocates designing from a place of risk – staring failure square in the face and finding creativity in impossibility, took Portable Talks audiences in Brisbane, Melbourne and […]

Video: Who Is Brooks Atwood? This is Brooks!

Video: Full-length video for our current release of the “Berserker Bock” – a collaboration done with Stumptown Coffee Roasters, our neighborhood friends in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC.

Video: NYCXDESIGN 2013: WANTEDDESIGN HIGHLIGHTS [VIDEO] In addition to rounding up some of the best stuff at WantedDesign 2013, we couldn’t resist talking to a few of the talented folks showing their work to get some more info. Watch:

Video: Our ideas behind these chairs are simple. We wanted to create a chair that would be a continuos source of rejuvenation to the park. It is crafted from a combination of soil, seeds and beeswax to slowly spread love and peace throughout the park. This is a natural cycle. Rain brings growth, rejuvenation and […]

Video: CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee! You can join us in numerous cities around the world. ( A big thank you to Ben Hallman ( for filming and editing. You can see photos of the event […]

Video: An interview with Brooks Atwood and Marc Thorpe. During the 3 days, a few of the finest craftsmen working with metal, wood, and gilding will collaborate, on site, with designers to create a one of a kind piece, to be revealed on Monday night at the end of the event. Coordination by Julien Legeard […]

Video: The Listening Lab 2.0 consists of an audio and video installation used as an auditory test to study auditory perception. The system utilizes immersive videos and surround sound background audio to simulate variable real-life environment. The test, performed by an audiologist in a custom space, is designed for those with existing conditions and assisted […]