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Slow down, stop, and think

The Project Scope’s “First Things First”

Our newest design for will be unveiled during NYCxDesign for this years New York Design Week! We are so excited!

“Blank walls have no memory and are scary. The first thing to add is a huge mirror so it can reflect all of the great memories that are about to happen. Except you don’t just want to use any mirror. You want a mirror with a story and with something to say. You want it to be designed and not just reflective, coated glass. You want it to have character so you can use it as THE starting point for how you want to decorate the entire look and feel of your new home! The Ripple Mirror reflects and distorts and reminds you that being playful is sexy.”

“First Things First” will be held at the Fab Showroom in Soho on the evening of May 17th, 2014.

151 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012