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New Jersey Institute of Technology
College of Architecture & Design
ID 364 Industrial Design Studio IV
Spring 2012

Haute Couture Objects (S,M,L) is an attitude.
Furniture As Fashion

This collection of haute couture objects, products and furniture both challenges and confront the fashion design industry as both a methodology for design as well as production mechanism of objects that can keep pace with the ever changing trends of style.

The ‘sample’ is synonymous with fashion. It is the unique, one-of-a-kind piece used in runway shows around the world and which, ultimately, acts as the pattern for the production. This exhibition explores the idea of style within the context of object design.

Industrial Design Furniture Fair
Haute Couture Objects (S,M,L)
Campus Center 2nd Floor Gallery
April 26 – May 3

Exhibited in the annual Industrial Design Furniture Fair in the Gallery at NJIT’s campus center in Newark, NJ.


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