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A Scandinavian Store

The Project Scope

A new concept store for all things Scandinavian

This project for Danish born businessman Steen Knigge in Manhattan’s historic West Village consisted of complete branding, interior design and a design booklet for fundraising. The design was inspired by the rich history of Scandinavian design and the vast beauty of its natural landscapes and cities. The design process covered all aspects of the store’s functions that extended from the interiors to the objects being virtually curated by the [HUS] team. The finishes evoke the warmth implied by the store’s name ‘HUS’ (meaning house or home) and the calm, clean feeling that comes to mind when one imagines or idealizes Scandinavian landscapes. Cedar wraps the walls and ceilings of half of the store with wood shelves integrated into the tongue and groove siding, providing a simple and functional surface for items on display. Also integrated into the cedar surface is the lighting, which follows the width of the natural cedar boards to create a beautiful, functional random pattern. Every detail was reduced to its functional essence as a tribute to the legacy of Scandinavian design and as an approach to a display system that focuses on highlighting individual objects. Through the use of simple materials, clean detailing and an eye towards its feel and function, the space is designed to create a range of experiences for the shopper and to help the [HUS] team expand the reach and understanding of Scandinavian design in the United States.

Furniture and fixtures designed by POD
Branding and Identity by POD
designed in USA


The Project Data

Type environment
Size 2,000 sq. ft.
Budget $100,000
Status completed
Client Steen Knigge
Location New York, NY (Chelsea)
Principal Brooks Atwood, Clay Odom

Project Details