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The Project Scope

What is the essence of design?

Magnetic Furniture

The purpose of the magnetic chair project is to create a process, not a form. By conducting experiments involving magnetizing metals (of different magnetic qualities) and materials infused with metallic properties, (i.e. metallic resins) we can allow a new form to create itself naturally. Using a series of variables of these elements forms resulting from these experiments will inform us of the behavior of each element. We can then manipulate these variables to create more optimum results in relation to furniture, while maintaining an unadulterated form derived from natural processes.

We wanted to create a “frame” similar to the human nervous system as the basis for furniture investigations.


The Project Data

Type Furniture (conceptual)
Size varies
Status experimental
Location Brooklyn, NY
Principal Brooks Atwood
Project Team Marguerite Lefevre, Ian Robertson, Gretchen Von Koenig, Megan Lin, Stevie Meder