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RUSSH Magazine

Sustainable Living

“Never turn down the opportunity for a great story. This is a recipe for trouble and it’s harder than it sounds – you have to be OK with Read more →


“Brooklyn Favorites: Brooks Atwood, Designer and HGTV Star”

“Who cuts your hair? The ultimate mystery … It’s my wife! I used to close my eyes Read more →

Renegade COLLECTIVE Magazine

“Ask the wrong questions”

“So when did the words ‘boss’ and ‘fun’ go together? Meet Brooks Atwood, the eccentric design studio head and Read more →

eVolo Magazine

“Tetra Light by Brooks Atwood”

“For those boundary pushers out there, you could decorate an entire space using the Tetra light in every possible way Read more →

TotalHousehold Magazine

“Inside Style: Prefab Homes Get Sexy With Brooks Atwood”

“We wanted to create a new type of prefab, something custom, but prefabricated Read more →

FAQD Magazine

“I live to have no regrets”

“Brooks Atwood, professor of industrial design, founder of POD DESIGN, assistant director of the Idea Factory and teacher at Read more →

Residential Architect Magazine

Sustainable Seat

“Molded for ergonomics from recycled metal, Sylki from designer Brooks Atwood’s Brooklyn-based studio Read more →

Lifestyle Mirror

Redesigning Life: Experts Reveal Their 2014 Resolutions

“Curious about how to reinvigorate our lives in the coming year, we turned to the Read more →


Cheap Thrills: Where Top Designers Go to Score High Style on a Budget

“Even high-end interior designers love a bargain. From online boutiques to secondhand Read more →


Checking in with Brooks Atwood

“Brooks Atwood is a hard man to sum up in a single paragraph. A trailblazer in the world of American design and Read more →