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Flicks & Food

by flicks and food


“Final Episode of HGTV Star airs Sunday, July 21st at 8/7C.

Who do you think will win? Will it be Brooks? Read more →

HGTV magazine

September 2013

“Backstage at HGTV Star”, page 10

Meet the winners of the HGTV Magazine design challenge and find out why their living room came out Read more →

Archinect Blog

Drinks with Brooks Atwood of POD Design

“As inspiring as always, Brooks talks about his design inspiration and advices for young designers like us. Let’s have drinks Read more →


Office Spaces

“Design Milk recently talked to the “most definitely unforgettable” HGTV Star hopeful Brooks Atwood Read more →

Green Magazine

Brooks Atwood talks!

“Brooks Atwood, Founder, Principal & Creative Director at POD DESIGN + MEDIA is coming to Australia. Read more →

Design Online

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

“Brooks Atwood is an industrial and digital designer that has a mantra to ‘design like a maniac’. Read more →

Map Magazine

Brooks Atwood

“There are many ways you might recognise Brooks Atwood in a crowd. It could be his mad-professor coiffure or his blindingly bright cape. Or Read more →


The Best Green Designs from WantedDesign

“Pod Design frontman Brooks Atwood issued a call to “design like a rock star” with his amazing shirt and electrifying argon lightning bolt lamp. Read more →

Touch of Modern

As Told To Remy Patrizio

“The Ebullient Mr. Atwood & POD Design”

Brooks Atwood is an ebullient designer whose genius is matched only by the height Read more →

New York Spaces magazine

Spring 2013

“Black & White”, page 46

The Sylki chair is featured in the Black & White section along with other innovative designs. Read more →