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Form Magazine

The FORM Questionnaire: A Conversation with Brooks Atwood

“A few weeks back, we introduced you to new work from Brooks Atwood, Assistant Read more →

Design Milk

Tetra Light by Brooks Atwood

“Inspired by the highly stylized, science fiction film Blade Runner, POD Design’s principal Brooks Atwood (remember Read more →

Form Magazine

Showroom: POD’s Tetra Light Pushes the Boundaries of Neon 

“One look at the new Tetra light from POD Design (now available from ahaLife), Read more →

Azure Magazine

March/April 2013

“Et Cetera”, page 50

Featuring the Sylki chair and six other innovative designs and designers like Brooks Atwood Read more →

“The Brooklyn 20”

March 2013 Vol 3 No 1

“Brooks Atwood: In Search of the Perfect Chair” by Andrea Racine, page 28

Featuring “The Brooklyn 20” for 2013 – a list Read more →

Design Milk


“This month’s Designer Dailies follows the seemingly wacky antics of Read more →

Design Milk

Geometric Perforated Seating: Sylki Chair by Brooks Atwood

“Designed by Pod Design principal designer Brooks Atwood, who is also Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at NJIT, the Sylki Chair is made from super thin metal making it weigh in at just 8 lbs. Using just a single sheet of 100% recycled metal limits the amount of waste produced while also reducing the number of welds that go into the chair.”

read the full article here: Geometric Perforated Seating

Cool Hunting

Sylki Chair

“Contoured around natural seating postures, the Sylki Chair is the latest furniture design from Brooklyn-based studio POD Design. By Read more →

Walk & Watch

by Artpower International Publishing

ISBN 978-988-19125-4-1

Featuring The Showtime “HOUSE” environment Read more →

Esquire’s The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Volume 157 NO. 1

“The Best View in the World” by Mark Mikin, pages 48-53.

Featuring The Ultimate Bachelor Pad in DUMBO’s Read more →