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The Journal

by Esquire Magazine

Featuring The Esquire Apartment environment for The Ultimate Bachelor Pad with Read more →

“Spontaneous Schooling”

March 2011

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
“Spontaneous Schooling”
Wiley publishers (get the Read more →

WantedDesign NYC

Vol 08, 05.04.2011

“During ICFF Week, Three Design-Savvy Outposts Showcase The Young, The Talented, And the Read more →

The Showtime house

Issue 18.12, Dec 1010

“United States of Tara: Loft”

Featuring The United States of Tara Loft & Roof environment by POD Design Read more →


Issue 111, October 2010

“ATX to the World” by C. Clark, pages 96-97

Featuring POD, Clay, our design methodology and the Listening Read more →

Brooks Atwood

Issue Sept/Oct, page 123

“The Future Cool” page 123

Featuring The Cool and Hip Brooks Atwood as the next Read more →


Issue 2008-2009

“The Biomedical Boom” by C. Clark, pages 96-97

Featuring the Listening Lab in the annual President’s Report Read more →


by Showtime Networks

Featuring The Showtime “HOUSE” environment for The United States of Tara Loft & Roof Read more →


Issue #70, Sept/Oct 2009

POD’s cutting edge Silverair flatware was featured in the section “Home Accessories” Read more →

The Listening Studio

May 18th, 2009

“At New Studio, a Hearing Test Made for the City” by Annie Correal, page A18

Featuring The Listening Read more →