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Showtime’s show house

The Showtime House on Showtime

Video (full episode):

The Showtime “House” project is a unique, highly publicized project celebrating its third successful year in collaboration with top architects, interior designers, and media specialists. Showtime pairs them with one of their infamous shows, and the designers are given carte blanche to transform a coveted New York City architectural space in response to the show’s themes. This year, the space was set in the penthouses of Enrique Norton’s recently opened Cassa Hotel and Brooks Atwood was invited to be one of the selected designers.

Get ready!  The SHOWTIME HOUSE is set to air Sunday, December 26th at 8:35pm on Showtime.

Sunday, 12/26/10 SHO2 8:35PM
Monday, 12/27/10 SHO3 8:25PM
Thursday, 12/30/10 SHO2 11:15PM
Thursday, 12/30/10 SHO3 11:00PM
Saturday, 1/1/11 SHO3 4:35PM
Sunday, 1/2/11 SHO2 12:00PM
Thursday, 1/6/11 SHO2 8:00PM

A huge special thanks to everyone at Showtime & Chrysanthemum Partners!