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Tag: Design Education

FAQD Magazine “I live to have no regrets” “Brooks Atwood, professor of industrial design, founder of POD DESIGN, assistant director of the Idea Factory and teacher at

New Jersey Institute of Technology College of Architecture & Design 2009 “Transformable Objects” Recently The Verge ( published an article about NASA using tensegrity to design a new robot.  I hate to tell you guys, but we got you beat by 4 years! NASA has been working on a new landing system for future space […]

Portable Checking in with Brooks Atwood “Brooks Atwood is a hard man to sum up in a single paragraph. A trailblazer in the world of American design and

20 Tips that will change your life by POD Design!

Have a plate of creativity with your coffee Creative Mornings, a global lecture series NYC Creative Mornings NYC (@NewYork_CM) Brooks will be speaking about creativity, innovation and how to be a rock star.  Here are a few of the many Brooks-isms from his talk: Never turn down an opportunity for a great story. Break all […]

New Jersey Institute of Technology College of Architecture & Design ID 363 Industrial Design Studio IV Fall 2012 What Would You Attempt To Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail? Re-imagine To see the work of all the students, click here and follow on twitter @reimagine363   This collection of furniture is meant to […]

The AIA/NJ Fall Symposium presents “Distributed Intelligence” The 2013 AIA NJ Fall Symposium “Distributed Intelligence” AIA NJ Fall Symposium 2013 (#AIANJIT2013) Brooks will be presenting work about innovation, failure and multidisciplinary design. This symposium will bring together architects, designers and educators to examine the ongoing technological transformation of the design disciplines. Considering what forms of […]

The AIAS at NJIT presents “Revitalizing Cities” The AIAS 2012 Northeast Fall Quad Conference New Jersey Institute of Technology College of Architecture & Design The AIAS 2012 Northeast Fall Quad Conference (#nequad2012) Brooks will be lecturing and presenting new work on Friday October 18th 10:30! Other firms presenting include:  Grimshaw, Rogers Marvel, Peter Gluck, WXY, C+C Architecture, POD Design The American Institute […]

The Cooper-Hewitt presents “The Teen Design Fair” Teen Design Fair Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum Teen Design Fair (#TeenDesign) Brooks will be participating as Assistant Professor at NJIT’s College of Architecture & Design in the 2012 Teen Design Fair! An annual event held in New York City and Washington, D.C., the Teen Design Fair is a […]

The Industrial Designer’s Society of America presents “The Future Is…” The Future Is… An International Conference & Education Symposium Eastman/IDSA Education Symposium Brooks will be presenting his latest paper about design education called “Think Pieces (or WWLGD?)”. Think Pieces will explore the relationship between big ideas in education and how the process of design can […]