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BELLE Magazine AU “Stars of the Big Apple’s NYCxDesign” “[Who] Brooks Atwood Online design juggernaut expanded beyond digital realms during

The Project Scope’s “First Things First” Our newest design for will be unveiled during NYCxDesign for this years New York Design Week! We are so excited! “Blank walls have no memory and are scary. The first thing to add is a huge mirror so it can reflect all of the great memories that […]

where design meets design WantedDesign, An International Design Event Presented during NYCxDesign WantedDesign (@WantedDesign) a Karim Rashid sandwich at WantedDesign We killed it at New York Design week’s WantedDesign event.  Karim Rashid stopped by to say “it’s f*@$ing brilliant” and that he loved it!  Thanks Karim!  Antoine Roset, Patrizia Moroso, Bradford Shellhammer, Jamie Gray & Established & Sons stopped by […]

Video: NYCXDESIGN 2013: WANTEDDESIGN HIGHLIGHTS [VIDEO] In addition to rounding up some of the best stuff at WantedDesign 2013, we couldn’t resist talking to a few of the talented folks showing their work to get some more info. Watch:

New York Spaces magazine Spring 2013 “Black & White”, page 46 The Sylki chair is featured in the Black & White section along with other innovative designs.