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Tag: Spontaneous Schooling

“Spontaneous Schooling” March 2011 Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture “Spontaneous Schooling” Wiley publishers (get the

New Jersey Institute of Technology College of Architecture & Design ID 264 Industrial Design Studio III Spring 2010 Modularity tries to find efficient ways of breaking up larger structures into manageable parts. The basis of the project is to create a ‘smart module’ (i.e. 3D tile) capable of unforeseen combinations using a Parametric design process. […]

NOUS Gallery presents “Spontaneous Schooling” Spontanteous Schooling: International architectural workshops to date Workshop Exhibition and Catalog during the London Festival of Architecture Spontaneous Schooling – International architectural workshops to date With the participation of hundreds of tutors and thousands of students, this exhibition will showcase the outcomes of architectural workshops around the world. The images of […]