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The Project Scope

School Bus Makeover

Located somewhere in LA, the project was to transform the inside of an old school bus! The sky was the limit as we could turn the bus into any sort of space we wanted.

The school bus makeover was a challenge for HGTV Star Season 8 Episode 6 (WATCH).

The idea was to create a Time Traveler’s Lounge for people who may or may not exist and are unsure of what year it is. Time travelers could have passed through the Lounge at any moment in time and left objects from different years (like the baton, white phone, sewing machine or fencing mask). So relax, sit back and have a drink! I designed this in honor of Stanley Kubrick, a real genius (who had an exhibition at LACMA in Los Angeles while I was filming HGTV Star).

The cork floors added to the tonal and texture quality for a space-like feel. I painted the bus all white to simulate the future, space ships, etc. (futuristic movies are usually all white). I added great wainscoting with trim and base boards. I wanted all the accessories to have a timeless feel so I mixed new with classic vintage pieces.

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The Project Data

Type School Bus Makeover
Size School Bus
Status completed 2013
Time 2 days
Furniture Blue Dot & Poliform
Location Los Angeles, CA
Principal Brooks Atwood
Carpenter Cija Johnson