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The Project Scope

Showtime “Immersive Environment” for The United States of Tara

The Showtime “House” project is a unique, highly publicized project celebrating its third successful year in collaboration with top architects, interior designers, and media specialists. Showtime pairs them with one of their infamous shows, and the designers are given carte blanche to transform a coveted New York City architectural space in response to the show’s themes. This year, the space was set in the penthouses of Enrique Norton’s recently opened Cassa Hotel and Brooks Atwood was invited to be one of the selected designers.

We worked hand in hand with frequent collaborator, UX designer Daniel Perlin. Together, we designed our penthouse space around Showtime’s series, The United States of Tara starring Tony Collette. We took the core ideas of the show, multiple identity disorder, and imagined a waveform environment in which visitors would have a visceral – almost schizophrenic – experience. We worked fluidly between physical materials and textures, old and new school media techniques, motion tracking, and interactive sound.

In addition, an audio work called “Voices in My Head” was created. Wireless headphones playing the audio were used, giving the spectator a chance to wander the spaces and further creating a sense of disorientation and instability.


The Project Data

Type environment
Size 1,000 sq. ft.
Budget withheld
Status completed
Client Showtime
Location New York, NY (Cassa Hotel)
Principal Brooks Atwood
Collaborator Daniel Perlin of Daniel Perlin Media + Design
Project Leader Eric Behr
Project Team Lindsay Kuhnz, Avrami Rakovsky

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Jungle Design
JW Building Solutions
Universal Laser Systems Inc.
Storefront for Art and Architecutre
Tara De Porte
Fine Paints of Europe
Dagr-Nott and Associates

Harlem Children’s Zone

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Estelle Nichols and my team of minions at NJIT’s FabLab including Gene Dassing, Steven Santander, Chris Morello, Matt Lynch.