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Time Traveler’s Lounge

2001: A Brooks Odyssey

This past Sunday’s challenge to make over an emptied out school bus was by far my favorite challenge because I got to do WHATEVER I WANTED and it didn’t have to be functional. I want people to question what year it is when they step inside my “time traveler’s lounge.”

Time traveling takes some serious planning. Here are my sketches for the journey:

HGTV STAR-N806_brooks atwood-school bus blue dot poliform sex free harvard

Sketch chair zeplin nose n806 hgtv star brooks atwood

HGTV STAR-N806_brooks-atwood-white-bus-decor blue dot poliform

Sketch credenze accessories n806 hgtv star brooks atwood blu dot poliform

HGTV STAR N806_brooks atwood-school-bus-lounge blu dot poliform

I sat in every chair and had imaginary conversations with myself to make sure it functioned as a lounge.

HGTV STAR-N806_brooks-atwood school bus time travelers lounge

Sketch furniture choices n806 hgtv star brooks atwood blu dot poliform

Thanks Blu Dot & Poliform for reading my mind and bringing my designs to life!

brooks atwood time travelers lounge school bus meditation sex free harvard maison martin margiela 2

signing off. peace and blessings from outer space!