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The Project Scope

The white noise

By exploiting the new territory and techniques of 3D printing, we’re pushing the limits by generating new forms in design.  We let the unknown shine through.  We allow for change and modifications to occur.

How do you do that you say?  We add in “white noise” to the 3D model.  Just like a virus would modify your cell structure, we allow the “white noise” (aka the virus) to change the forms of the rings while they are being 3D printed so we never know what we’re going to get.  What this means is that we set up the parameters of the design (i.e the original form, design, 3d model), and then we intentionally add flaws and disaster into the code.  After we hit “print” on the 3D printer, we have no idea what’s going to happen.  Enjoy the unknown!

The result is beautiful, sensual forms that have a history to them.  They have flaws and characteristics never before seen in 3D printed objects.  There are unique in every way.


The Project Data

Type experimental jewelry
Status completed
Date 2014
Principal Brooks Atwood
Project Team Marguerite Lefevre, Stevie Meder

Project Details