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Collective Magazine

Ask the wrong questions

Renegade COLLECTIVE Magazine

“Ask the wrong questions”

“So when did the words ‘boss’ and ‘fun’ go together? Meet Brooks Atwood, the eccentric design studio head and lecturer, who actively encourages asking the wrong quesitons, risk-taking and the suspension of disbelief to come up with the best creative leaps.”

Renegade-Collective-Magazine-Issue-8-Cover-martha-stewart-brooks-atwood-full Renegade-Collective-Magazine-Issue-8-Pg-000-Table-of-Contents Renegade-Collective-Magazine-Issue-8-Pg-117-brooks-atwood Renegade-Collective-Magazine-Issue-8-Pg-119-brooks-atwood Renegade-Collective-Magazine-Issue-8-Pg-120-brooks-atwood