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The Project Scope

The New desktop luxury

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Infinity by POD Design on


introducing “Infinity”

A desktop pen holder made of recycled soup cans is elevated to high art for everyone. It’s an every-day-object with a twist!

The Problem

Desktop storage has lost it’s way in the digital age. The pen/pencil holder was replaced by the mouse. It’s time for the re-emergence of a once lost necessary item into something current, something meaningful. Admit it, you use a pen and you have a bunch of them. Desktop products have lost a playfulness of luxury and the Infinity pen “can” is not only bringing it back, but it’s elevating it from recycled can into the luxury list of must-haves.

The Solution

We’re taking recycled metal soup cans (something that’s been discarded) and repurposing them into pen & pencil holders by chrome, copper and/or brass plating them to create wit, humor and luxury from this once lost and forgotten desktop staple.

We’ll also keep the cans in the same form and shapes that we found them so no two will ever be alike. This makes them each a one-of-a-kind object which is awesome.

The chrome/copper/brass plating adds an unexpected elegance to what would normally be considered an every-day-object, just like the soup can. But we are reducing and removing waste from landfills while repurposing these cans to create a truly unique product. Give back. Be sustainable. Be creative!  Who knows, we might even use one of your discarded soup cans!


The Project Data

Type desktop accessory
Status crowdsourced on
Date 2014
Principal Brooks Atwood
Project Team Megan Lin, Gretchen Von Koenig

Project Details