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Lifestyle Mirror

Experts Reveal Their 2014 Resolutions

Lifestyle Mirror

Redesigning Life: Experts Reveal Their 2014 Resolutions

“Curious about how to reinvigorate our lives in the coming year, we turned to the experts for inspiration. Designer Kelly Wearstler told us she’s ready for more amethyst, beverage guru Joe Campanale said he’s ditching the post-midnight snacks, and our favorite dating coach Lindsay Chrisler revealed that when it comes to sex she’s going to let her gut lead.

For a full read of their resolutions, as well as those of design stars Trip Haenisch and Brooks Atwood, click through the full gallery.”

read the full article here: Experts Reveal Their 2014 Resolutions


1. What are your 2014 decorating resolutions?
I resolve to use more velvet, leather, metallic glitter and all things shiny and sexy. It’s all glamour for 2014 (in the most avant-garde way you can imagine)!

I resolve to stop saying trending! If it’s trending, it’s over. I don’t usually like the idea of trends as they limit creativity and experimentation. They tie you into a corner of beige on beige on beige! Say HELL NO to beige in 2014! Bye bye beige. So long. Beige sucks.

I resolve to never use beige. Ever. And to give people shit if they use beige.

I resolve to change the face of interior design, and that face is bearded, smiling and intensely innovative (and with blue, kind eyes ☺ ).

I resolve to never let myself down.

I resolve to make things better and to make better things.

I resolve to help people be freely creative and encouragement to not be afraid of design and decorating!

I resolve to resolve.

I resolve.


I. am. Glamour.

2. What decorating trends are you most excited for in 2014?
I am really excited for locally made, locally crafted goods. Traditional artisans and American craft is what it’s all about in 2014! There is something undeniable and beautiful about handmade objects. Their flaws and imperfections are what make them beautiful.

I am also really excited about textiles. There are some very new and very innovative textiles coming out that really push this art into new territories. I’m talking about 3D rugs, patterns unimaginable before without computers, custom wallpapers and prints and exciting colors.

And I’m always excited about taxidermy and finely crafted products from the likes of BDDW. And to find the trends first, be sure to check out MATTER and The Future Perfect as they are always ahead of the trends.

And see below about glamour!

3. Any products or habits you’re leaving in 2013?

I’m leaving behind white subway tile and rusty metals. It’s time for a new glamour – a glamour of local, of pain and sweat, of creativity and innovation – a glamour that says look at me when I’m talking to you – a glamour that isn’t afraid of itself or what you think of it – a glamour without regret – a glamour to endure through time and space and to come out exceptional after 5 or 15 years.

Glamour is the future!

So forget about rules, those are so 2000’s. Leave your inhibition at the door honey cuz it’s gonna get funky!

Let’s go!