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The Project Scope

An existing house gets a facelift. Really. A new skin and a second life.

Located in Freeland, WA just a ferry’s ride outside of Seattle, an existing house is about to get a facelift. After years of additions and modifications, POD was commissioned to give the house a facelift and update the overall style. Our approach was to eliminate any unnecessary demolition and instead focus on the “skin” of the house. We developed an adaptive system that’s easy to install, modify and is also super affordable. The parametric form of the folding wood slats provides a consistent rhythm to the house. This easily adaptive “skin” also provides opportunities to transform into storage, shelter, and seating.

This (re)skin-house is a concept
Wooden parametric skin designed and fabricated by POD
All fabrication and installation by POD
All the materials are reclaimed, up-cycled, recycled or sustainable
designed in USA


The Project Data

Type residential
Size n/a
Budget withheld
Status concept completed
Location Freeland, WA
Team POD
Principal Brooks Atwood
Project Team Mina Liba, Nichole Dragan, Vicky Tran

Project Details