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SWELL 2015

Live Music Reimagined

The Project Scope

SWELL partners with Melbourne Music Week

Melbourne Music Week & SWELL have teamed up and just announced the 2015 flagship venue! – the basement of the Former Royal Women’s Hospital

“Labyrinthine music event Swell has been commissioned to reinvent 12 of the Former Royal Women’s Hospital’s forgotten rooms, with secret one-off performances that redefine the way punters experience live music. A multi-sensory immersion, Swell blends music with unexpected art and design elements to create an evocative soundscape adventure throughout Melbourne Music Week.”

What is SWELL?

Interactive, evocative and avant-garde, Swell reimagines what a live music experience can be through art and design. It’s an immersive adventure unlike anything else.

Swell breaks down boundaries between performer and audience and invites you into a fantasia of rooms for exploration. A previously unseen labyrinth of intimate designed spaces, filled with a secret music line-up.

Participate in the hidden and unfamiliar; discover a new love for music in an unconventional way. Swell is a new take on the live music experience.

Two Huge International Headliners Announced:
The Brian Jonestown Massacre & Berlin sound-art genius Robert Henke

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The Project Data

Type Music Festival, Interiors, Sound Design
Size 50,000 fans, 12 Rooms
Status November 2015
In Partnership with Melbourne Music Week
Location Melbourne, AU
Principal Brooks Atwood
Co-Creators Brooks Atwood, Janenne Willis, Edd Fisher
Engineering & Acoustics Cerami Associates

We are thrilled to be working with Cerami Associates, Dave & Gabe and many others (coming soon!)  Thanks to Eventbrite for their generosity!



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