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Tag: Furniture

The Project Scope may kick your ass The Sylki chair is super lightweight, engineered and fabricated to be extremely solid and takes the art of seating to the next level. 17″W x 14.5″D x 18″Seat (35″H) laser cut 20 gauge (.9mm) recycled metal ergonomically designed, structurally engineered weighs “less than a bottle of wine” (or […]

The Project Scope “makes you want to have sex and eat cereal.  so precise yet so plush.” alexander Mcqueen The McQueen I stool is all about fun and functional.  It’s pure geometry, squishy and plush.  Sit on it or throw it around. You can enjoy it in any direction or orientation. 14″L x 15″W x […]

The Project Scope “How can designers today revisit in a contemporary way traditional savoir faire and materials” WantedDesign Workshops & Conversations with Designers, Thinkers & Fabricators The Intersection of Materials, Fabrication & Design Presented during New York Design Week 2011 During the 3 days , a few of the finest craftsmen working with metal, wood, […]

The Project Scope sometimes something fake is more real than the real D’cay & Cor’cay are limited edition series stools mixing natural elements with high tech materials. A natural woodgrain and cork pattern is laser cut onto the acrylic surfaces while decaying holes create missing voids.  Each stool is unique and numbered with a custom […]

The Project Scope This Chair Is A Plant This was our entry to The Battery Conservancy Americas “Draw Up A Chair” Design Competition. Our intention was to reduce, recycle and inspire. Our ideas behind these chairs are simple. We wanted to create a chair that would be a continuos source of rejuvenation to the park. […]

The Project Scope What is the essence of design? Magnetic Furniture The purpose of the magnetic chair project is to create a process, not a form. By conducting experiments involving magnetizing metals (of different magnetic qualities) and materials infused with metallic properties, (i.e. metallic resins) we can allow a new form to create itself naturally. […]

Rouge58 presents “Fanatic!” “FANATIC!”, The Exhibition In conjunction with “FANATIC!”, an exhibition of photographer and artist Ruvan Wijesooriya, the D’cay and Cor’cay stools transformed Rouge58 into a canvas where artists meet designers. Sponsored by Lucite and EcoSupply, the D’cay and Cor’cay series were designed and produced in collaboration with Virginia Harper Design.   About ROUGE […]

Video: An interview with Brooks Atwood and Marc Thorpe. During the 3 days, a few of the finest craftsmen working with metal, wood, and gilding will collaborate, on site, with designers to create a one of a kind piece, to be revealed on Monday night at the end of the event. Coordination by Julien Legeard […]