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Tag: Showtime

Video (full episode): The Showtime “House” project is a unique, highly publicized project celebrating its third successful year in collaboration with top architects, interior designers, and media specialists. Showtime pairs them with one of their infamous shows, and the designers are given carte blanche to transform a coveted New York City architectural space in response […]

The Project Scope Immersive Environment for The United States of Tara POD Design was selected as one of 5 design studios, including the likes of Bruce Mau and others, to design spaces based upon programs on Showtime. We designed a space inspired by dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia, the primary focus of the program the […]

Walk & Watch by Artpower International Publishing ISBN 978-988-19125-4-1 Featuring The Showtime “HOUSE” environment

The Showtime house Issue 18.12, Dec 1010 “United States of Tara: Loft” Featuring The United States of Tara Loft & Roof environment by POD Design

SHOWTIME HOUSE by Showtime Networks Featuring The Showtime “HOUSE” environment for The United States of Tara Loft & Roof