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The Project Scope

The Esquire Ghost

For the First Time Ever, Esquire Takes Its NYC Apartment Out of Manhattan. Premium Brands, Leading Designers and State-of-the-Art For the First Time Ever, Esquire Takes Its NYC Apartment Out of Manhattan. Premium Brands, Leading Designers and State-of-the-Art Technology Showcase ‘Man at His Best’ at the Exclusive ClockTower Building in DUMBO.

Guests at the Esquire Apartment will experience numerous technological and lifestyle innovations customized for today’s “ultimate bachelor,” including such innovations as The Ghost, the Lufthansa Digital Loft and the “Home Office of the Future.”

The only permanent resident of the 2011 Apartment is Charlotte, the elusive ghost. Charlotte is a life-size digital illusion who will appear at various locations inside the Apartment to flirt with guests, provide information on various aspects of the space and otherwise engage a crowd that may think they have seen everything. Charlotte is embodied by actress Margot Robbie, who recently starred in the Scorsese film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

The ghost was created by a series of embedded projectors and is running from custom built software in the program Max/MSP/Jitter.

Visit the esquire apartment here:

Video can be found below

Key Features:
• Interactive video installation
• Digital Design using parametric modeling
• Embedded projectors running from custom software
• Custom built software in the programs Max/MSP/Jitter


The Project Data

Type environment
Size 1,500 sq. ft.
Budget withheld
Status completed
Client Esquire
Location Brooklyn, NY (DUMBO)
Principal Brooks Atwood
Collaborator Dana Karwas
Project Leaders Sara Jane Rin, Avrami Rakovsky
Project Team Stephanie Leib, Darshan Patel, Brent Klokis, Aleksandr Kolesnikov

Elite Screens
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Margot Robbie

City of Hope
International Medical Corps
Natural Resources Defense Council
Fresh Air Fund
Faster Cures
Aspen Writers’ Foundation

Absolute Vodka, Acura, Asics, Basil Hayden, Bloomberg, Bombard Global, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Don Julio, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hugo Boss, Kahlua, Lufthansa, Nolet’s, Radeberger, TouchTunes, Toshiba, Sonos

Estelle Nichols, Heather Castagno, Adeeb Mohiuddin, Aaron Ekroth, Stephen Dahmer, Windy Cancela Ruiz, Dahn Maier, Zachary Feltoon, Michala Monroe, Eliot Espinal, Carlos Espinal, Bryan Zaleski, Justin Carloni, Angela Gainer, Hyungshin Kim, Mina Liba, Tristan Pashalian, Melissa Pereira, Philip Caleja, Ben Mui, Alex Nizzardo, Daniel Sosa, Nichole Dragon, Joshua Lee, Christopher Dadap, Christina Entcheva, Arielle Lesnoy.