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The Project Scope

A new deck paradigm

This small exterior installation is designed as an extension to the interiors of a private residence in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The project includes a radical redefinition of the standard wood deck and explores the possibility of simple construction techniques and materials to achieve a highly articulated and exciting exterior landscape. In addition, the project includes custom seating, green surfaces, and a retractable sun-screen that incorporates the use of a non-standard material (TYVEK) that is typically used as a weather barrier on residential construction projects. We designed the project and fabricated the one-of-a-kind sun-screen fabrications for the project using CNC and hands-on assembly concepts.


The Project Data

Type residential
Size 700 sq. ft.
Budget withheld
Status on-hold
Location TBD
Principal Brooks Atwood
Project Leaders Clay Odom

Project Details