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The Project Scope

The cutting edge

Ranked #2 in the Top 10 Creative Cutlery List

Silverair combines silver and air to create a natural/bone structure. The result is a design that not only is lightweight and responsive to its function but also natural and because of this, beautiful. Because of this process each piece made would be unique and one-of-a-kind. It is not a porous coating, but a structural biomaterial that mimics trabecular bone’s porosity, strength and flexibility.

There is an inherent natural logic in this material. The shape of the utensil and the bone density is directly related to the use (cutting, containing, jabbing, holding). The form is actualized through the material relationship (silver vs. silver alloy) and the material process (casting or metal foam). The material (silver) is realized through a process of finish change (patina/tarnish) over time and in distinct formal/usage areas of the object (blade vs. handle for example).

Additionally the natural process of tarnishing creates unique pieces that express the real character of silver in a simple natural way.

“SILVERAIR” competition entry for Beyond Silver sponsored by Designboom and MACEF
International design competition
shortlisted (out of 3,566 entries)
5-piece setting
designed in USA


The Project Data

Type flatware, cutlery
Status in development
Date 2012
Principal Brooks Atwood
Project Team Clay Odom, Nicholas Domanski, Adam Brillhart, Tobias Jahn


News, Press & Info

Ranked #2 in the Top 10 List of Ten Creative Cutlery Concepts And Designs by Yanko Design
Metropolis Magazine award
Featured in FRAME magazine Issue #70 Sept/Oct

Project Details