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Also known as the place I write words.

Photo Jul 24, 17 04 07 copy

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Yesterday, I had the chance to visit the Rain Room at MoMA.  It’s awesome.  But apparently there’s no jumping allowed?  It makes for a great picture though, so I guess just don’t get caught.

It closes this Sunday, so if you have the time I recommend you try and check it out.  Thanks to Natalie Kovacs for getting me in!

Thanks for everyone’s love and support during these past weeks! Competing on HGTV Star was the experience of a lifetime and I had so much fun. I met some extremely talented and amazing people and wish them all the best of luck with their future.

The show might be over but remember Fan Favorite can still win his or her own show!! Voting closes on July 24 at 11:59:59 AM ET so show me some love, help me out and keep voting!

HGTV Star Brooks Atwood bar finale

HGTV Star Brooks Atwood dad hugging

HGTV Star Brooks Atwood Estelle Nichols Danielle Colding

HGTV Star Brooks Atwood Tobin Green Cija

HGTV Star Brooks Atwood tons of fans

this is just the beginning…

Here are a few of my favorite things I’ve crafted this season.

Rock ‘n Roll Chandelier
Sketch brooks atwood rock n roll chandelier custom made hgtv star


The Heritage Wall Sconce
Sketch brooks atwood wall sconce pink furry brand design hgtv star

HGTV STAR-N801_Brooks-Light-Fixture-Beauty_v_lg

Wall Graphics – based on an idea for a motorcycle gas tank logo
Sketch HGTV Star Brooks Atwood wall graphics apartment motorcycle


And for everyone who said NO TO BEIGE! This one’s for you! Here’s to hoping I get lucky on Sunday!

Don’t forget to catch the finale this Sunday at 8/7c EST on HGTV!

This past Sunday’s challenge to make over an emptied out school bus was by far my favorite challenge because I got to do WHATEVER I WANTED and it didn’t have to be functional. I want people to question what year it is when they step inside my “time traveler’s lounge.”

Time traveling takes some serious planning. Here are my sketches for the journey:

HGTV STAR-N806_brooks atwood-school bus blue dot poliform sex free harvard

Sketch chair zeplin nose n806 hgtv star brooks atwood

HGTV STAR-N806_brooks-atwood-white-bus-decor blue dot poliform

Sketch credenze accessories n806 hgtv star brooks atwood blu dot poliform

HGTV STAR N806_brooks atwood-school-bus-lounge blu dot poliform

I sat in every chair and had imaginary conversations with myself to make sure it functioned as a lounge.

HGTV STAR-N806_brooks-atwood school bus time travelers lounge

Sketch furniture choices n806 hgtv star brooks atwood blu dot poliform

Thanks Blu Dot & Poliform for reading my mind and bringing my designs to life!

brooks atwood time travelers lounge school bus meditation sex free harvard maison martin margiela 2

signing off. peace and blessings from outer space!

This is how I roll and I’m getting ready for the FINALE of HGTV Star – 3 designers, 1 winner. Palm Springs is not going to know what hit itself. This Sunday night July 21st I will walk through a door that will forever change my life. Find out if I’m the newest addition to the HGTV family!

and in honor of my Time Traveler’s Lounge space, I did this little dance #BreakingBrooks