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Brooklyn Magazine

March 2013 Vol 3 No 1

“The Brooklyn 20”

March 2013 Vol 3 No 1

“Brooks Atwood: In Search of the Perfect Chair” by Andrea Racine, page 28

Featuring “The Brooklyn 20” for 2013 – a list of movers and shakers making an impact on the city’s artistic and cultural landscape.

“I’m inspired by the everyday, by the lost unnoticed objects.” Brooks Atwood

BROOKLYN MAGAZINE COVER Jemima Kirke Brooks Atwood

BROOKLYN MAGAZINE PAGES Jemima Kirke Brooks Atwood

GIRLS! fans check the cover with our favorite Jemima Kirke! Thanks to the amazing crew for styling Brooks up “big time”! And thank you to Giles & Brother for the rad bracelets!