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This past Friday was Gretchen’s last day.  So we all headed to The Gutter after work for some beer and bowl. A bar with a bowling alley, The Gutter has authentic wooden lanes taken from a center in Ohio from the 70’s.  It’s a good time and coincidentally, Estelle and I met here. Goodluck Gretchen! Thanks for […]

Green Magazine Brooks Atwood talks! “Brooks Atwood, Founder, Principal & Creative Director at POD DESIGN + MEDIA is coming to Australia.

Map Magazine Brooks Atwood “There are many ways you might recognise Brooks Atwood in a crowd. It could be his mad-professor coiffure or his blindingly bright cape. Or

Form Magazine Showroom: POD’s Tetra Light Pushes the Boundaries of Neon  “One look at the new Tetra light from POD Design (now available from ahaLife),