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Tag: gala

a platform for emerging design practitioners 2015 Spring Benefit, theme “TRANS” Storefront for Art & Architecture, NYC 2015 Spring Benefit (@StorefrontNYC) Attire:  Transparent,  Translucent,  Transgressive Honoring: Do Ho Suh and Thom Mayne Attire:  Transparent,  Translucent,  Transgressive Transfigured, transparent, translucent, transsexual, transatlantic, transcendent. Join us to tranversally transform transactions of generosity and capital at our 2015 Spring Benefit. On Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, Storefront for Art and Architecture will celebrate over three […]

Celebrity auction! Kent Historical Society A Charity Fundraising Event celebrating “George Laurence Nelson: Painting a Picture of his Life” Kent Historical Society The final weekend of the campaign will be November 2nd and 3rd. On Saturday and Sunday, from noon to 4:00 PM, the Kent Community House will be filled with student artwork from all […]